Paying with credit card online

E-Money Solutions

The E-Money Solution enables your business to accept online payments and manage E-Money. The flexible our infrastructure supports your business whether you run a live or virtual marketplace or any other business in the sharing economy. Our fully licensed platform operates as your payment partner and covers all technical and regulatory requirements for you and your customers.

Why eMONEY Solution?

Easy to implement and easier to use

eMONEY is the store of value on a card, which can be used in a manner similar to cash to pay for small-scale transactions. eMONEY is secure information stored in the smart-card.

In the same card, once customized for a variety of Services can be all these services; Transportations, On-line Purchase (Games, Contents, etc.), Off-line Affiliates (Convenient stores, Kiosk, etc.), Loyalty / Membership (Discount, Points, etc.).

One card would be acceptable as a means of payment for other transactions there by reducing the need to carry cash, and subsequently the risk of losing it.

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