About Us

Welcome to website PT. Fasilitas Telekom Nusantara

PT. Fasilitas Telekom Nusantara ("TELTRA") is telecommunication network provider in Indonesia market, specialization for Media Triple Play Solutions (High speed Internet Access, Super Wi-fi, HD IPTv, IP-Phone), Digital Mobile Advertising, E-Money, In-Building Coverage Solutions (IBC), MicroCell Pole Solutions (MCP) and Security Systems Solutions (Access card, CCTV)."TELTRA" team managed by highly Qualified Professionals who are experiences on their respective expertise in the telecommunication industry and security systems.

Company Vision, Mission and Slogan Product Support

The object of "TELTRA" is to provide happiness and satisfaction to clients and business partners by providing most reliable quality and service in telecommunication network provider along with a life-lasting trust. "TELTRA" have mission to be number one as Multi Triple Play Provider Services in Indonesia. "TELTRA" have slogan product & services support as

"Fast" - TELTRA have commitment to provide product & services in the Right & Fast Solution.

"Trend" - TELTRA have product & services to follow trend.

"Number One" - TELTRA have commitment to be number one in the product & services.

Product Support

"TELTRA" have telecommunication products support from telecommunication manufactures from Korea (DasanNetwork, Eluon, ESI, SK Telesys, etc), China (Andrew, Leoni products etc) and Other Countries.